This series of miniature painting courses are the first of their kind: divided into their elemental aspects to focus in-depth on the particulars of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether.  We break it down, take it slowly then build it up step-by-step. This innovative structure is a comprehensive miniature painting programme and has already given several students a thorough grounding in the book arts.  

Alongside the Elemental courses there is a series of Masterclass courses in which we paint a single item - for example, a single face - very slowly, for the duration of the entire course.

The first of a series of unique courses, we'll start with the Rocks course I created to take you step-by-step through the process of creating a beautiful miniature painting using Safavid Persian and Mughal Indian traditional techniques. We'll prepare our own paper, mix our own pigments to make our own paints and learn traditional tracing, drawing and painting techniques. At the end of the course you'll have your own miniature painting to take home and complete using skills gained during the experience or you can book further courses to work on it more. We'll learn how to hold the brush and you'll get the opportunity to try unique miniature painting natural sable hair brushes that I created to accomplish these specialist techniques, honed over many years. The 5 element courses are: Earth (Rocks), Air (Clouds), Water (Lakes, Rivers and Seas), Fire (the Dragon, the Phoenix and the Simurgh) and Ether (the Supernatural and the Night Sky: Angels, Divs and Demons). The 6th complementary course is The Art of Marbling. The 7th complementary course, The Art of the Black Pen: Siyah Qalam is a masterclass that dives deep into practise and brush techniques. Finally there is a chance to make your very own Book of Miniatures, bound in a luxurious leather tooled cover. Taken together they are a comprehensive miniature painting programme I created to give you a solid, well-rounded knowledge and thorough grounding in all aspects of the practice, history and theory of miniature painting and the book arts.


We'll be painting and learning these exciting processes and techniques in my artist's studio workshop in NW10 near Notting Hill, shared with my designer and craftsman husband. You'll get the opportunity to see - and paint - inside a working art and craft studio in London. We'll look at photographic examples of historic miniature painting and study close-ups in books to inspire us before diving into creating our own.

Aside from the taught courses, Vaishali also offers group and private tuition in all aspects of miniature and oil painting.



Miniature painting is 'the art of the line'; indeed, it is all about the line.  These paintings embody a fineness of line from China and vibrancy of colours and pigments from India and Central Asia to be synthesized into beautiful miniatures in the royal courts of Safavid Persia and the Mughal Empire, which in turn influenced and was influenced by the equal magnificence of Renaissance Europe. Pigments, paints and paper all vary; climates, seasons and moods can change; the essential, enduring tool, of course, is the brush. Miniature painting is inconceivable without the perfect brushes. These indispensible, trusty tools are your dependable stalwarts and loyal friends and are absolutely vital to the success of your pieces.


I created a range of unique specialist miniature painting natural sable hair brushes which also complement my taught courses. The brushes are designed for specific techniques and also to invite contemplation. They include: the Rocks brush for rendering strokes; 3 different Clouds brushes for fine details, miniature outlines or illumination; the Water brush for washes; the Fire brush made using an ancient brushmaking technique from a single swan feather for unusual calligraphic strokes; the Ether brush tool for tracing and transferring among other uses. You’ll be able to try these unique brushes during the real-life studio courses and they are available for purchase with a 10% discount for course students. I also ship them internationally.

You can preview and purchase the brushes here: https://www.theperfectbrush.co.uk/


Vaishali Prazmari is an artist incorporating Persian, Indian and Chinese elements into her work. This cultural richness has a historical tradition dating back to the Silk Road and it is epitomized in Islamic, Safavid Persian and Mughal Indian miniature paintings. She integrates both the ancient and the modern in her own works and brings traditional miniature painting to life for a wider audience through her various roles as as artist, educator and curator: www.vaishaliprazmari.co.uk  Born in London, she has lived on an island in Hong Kong, Paris, and she currently lives and works in London.

Vaishali holds degrees from both the Slade School of Fine Art and the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and holds an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (UCL) specializing in floating islands. She studied Persian and Indian miniature painting during her MA at PSTA and Chinese painting under a master in Hong Kong. She is working towards a PhD involving miniature painting and the 1001 Arabian Nights. Having studied the traditions of the historic major miniature painting centres as well as today's contemporary art she is uniquely placed to offer these original courses blending the best of the ancient and the modern. She has been painting ever since she could hold a brush.


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