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The Elements classes are repeated at least once per year; I visualise all my core teaching concepts, brushes and indeed the whole universe through the lens of the 5 elements. 

The Masterclass series are one-off classes that are not repeated; there is a dizzying array and so many things to paint in the world that we're just riffing on a theme for a while, enjoying the variety, making discoveries, learning about archetypal forms, asking pertinent questions and then will move on. This is my offering to the world; I will teach broadly until I'm 40 and then deeply after that. For large images for all classes, please download them directly from the Forum at

The Cabinets of Curiosities classes are an oil on copper miniature painting series. We’ll skip around the classes of Naturalia, Artificialia and Mirabilia and move between the worlds, coming up with our own categories and  groups of miracles. Oils on copper are the most lasting and vibrant of the old master works; the vibrant colours are preserved better on its metal surface and the warm glow of the copper ground strikes through. To paraphrase the Mahabharata, what is here in the Cabinet of Curiosities, you will find elsewhere. But what is not here, you will find nowhere.

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