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7 PLANETS IN 7 DAYS extra: Pluto

7 Planets in 7 days extra

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Service Description

7 planets in 7 days: An astrological extravaganza in oil on copper With option to extend it to 10+ planets as I feel sorry for Uranus, Neptune and particularly Pluto; I grew up with Pluto as a planet. It’s now an ex-planet (not an exoplanet, which is something else). This unique painting-teaching-performance is a one-off event series and will be recorded but won’t be repeated. You do not need to take all the classes although to experience the full intensity and drama of the experience then I recommend taking on the entire solar system this summer. If, like me, due to UK passport waiting times, you are unable to go on holiday this summer, why not journey on an astrological-astronomical cruise of the solar system in your own studio instead? It’s a holiday out of this world. Day 10: Wednesday 20 July PLUTO and its ice mountains and frozen plains. It is technically a dwarf planet now and has been demoted in my lifetime! Imagine how that feels from the planetary point of view. You will need: - An appropriate support - Oil painting materials (comprehensive list on the Forum at > under Resources) - Pair of compasses to draw a circle for each planet Please note that while I will be painting in oils on copper, and I recommend it to get the most out of the classes, you do not need to paint on copper. You could paint on another metal, or on canvas or wood. If you do choose to paint on copper, please note that these classes will not cover how to prepare the copper surface. You could also paint on a larger surface doing all the planets in one painting instead of separately. Your surface must be primed/prepared and ready to start painting. We’ll start each session by drawing the planet's circle and proceeding directly to painting, aiming to finish each planet in each session. The aim is to inspire. Since Earth, the Moon, the Sun and Mars are so important for humanity we will cover these in additional classes in different ways later. For now, we will focus on painting the whole planets themselves. It’s intense, it’s extraordinary, it’s midnight churning creation in action… which makes it very similar to the solar system itself.

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