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Animals: Persian Giraffe & Quasi-Unicorn

All the Animals of miniature painting

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Service Description

It's time for Animals! We'll paint all the animals of miniature painting not covered so far and we will discover them together. We'll focus on our four-legged friends and indulge our natural mammalian bias for these bigger beasts that roam the earth with us and who are in danger of dying out. We'll also include some fish, reptiles, amphibians and unusual beings as part of the TALES: Natural Wonders and Oddities series. We start here with the Giraffe in miniature painting. We looked at the Chinese first encouter with a giraffe, and now we explore how miniature painters depicted these gentle giants. The camelopardus was sometimes seen as a unicorn like creature as they had the same wonder as the ancient Chinese did for the extraordinary giraffe. So far we've covered birds (you'll find films on the Perfect Brush website later) and some insects. We regularly look at mythical beasts such as Dragons, Simurghs and others in classes such as Fire, Ether and Siyah Qalam. We've looked at composite creatures, horses, camels. Coming up are anteaters, bears, boars, cows, crocodiles, deer, dogs, donkeys, elephants, gazelle-ibex-long-legged beauties, goats, foxes, jackals - since as part of this series we cover the animals of the famous Kalila wa Dimna, lions, naughty monkeys, tigers, turtles... all the way to zebras!

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