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ARCHITECTURE Chinese Lattice Screens 2

Architectural Elements series

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Service Description

This class will also introduce the cutting of curves with paper knives - an essential skill for future toy theatre enthusiasts since you master curves you can cut anything. There will also be a drawing component and a 'drawing in context' sketch to warm up, taken from real life examples. There are 2 sessions, 5 hours in total (unusually): 1. 31.10.23 Halloween special! 3 hours, 9-12 midnight UK time 2. 2.11.23, 8-10pm 2 hours, UK time So if you don't fancy trick or treating but want to make Halloween special, tide the time over with lattice making! Skills are transferable. You can then use your paper cutting knowledge to cut out other folk or holiday papercuts. In the 3 hour class there will be time for a break if necessary. These can be found in Chinese windows and doors. We'll work from real sources and you can create your own; later we will cut them out too. It's all good cutting practice. What welcomes colour and light more than a lattice screen with some coloured polythene sheets behind them to create your own paper stained glass? Lighting designers in theatre and film use these coloured papers to create coloured and atmospheric light effects. We'll do the same, but with added shadow from the Chinese lattices. When you shine a torch through your work you'll notice beautiful coloured patterns shining through. Note: this is an idea I had that I don't think has been done before - perhaps because it doesn't work. It does work in my head, and is related to my toy theatre research. At the very least you'll end up with Chinese lattices, which I know will work! You'll need tracing paper and a paper knife/Stanley knife/scalpel for this class. I'll let you know about other materials as we go along - main thing is tracing paper, ideally a heavyweight one so 90gsm or more (ideally more). Please be careful with sharp knives. The Architectural Elements series focuses on the 'bits' of architecture to hone in our skills and sharpen our brushes. Short and succint classes, these are the building blocks of buildings. Please note that these, like the rest of the Masterclass series, are one-off classes and will not be repeated. More info on Forum: Forum link in main menu

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