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ARCHITECTURE The Desolate City

Architecture in miniature painting

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Service Description

ARCHITECTURE in miniature painting Romance in the ruins. Desolate cities are a motif of the 1001 Arabian Nights and an inspiration for my Memory Palace (for more, see In this image, King Anushirwan and his vizier visit an actual desolate city. They hear owls deploring the fate of the city. These have been long-awaited classes and I'm excited to start them now! In this Architecture series we'll cover Persian and Mughal architecture, both interior and exterior. Paint ice-cream pastel coloured domed fantasy buildings and spires and cities in the distance. Paint domestic and intimate scenes up close. We'll cover the whole of the built environment as seen in miniature paintings. Please note that these, like the rest of the Masterclass series covering Faces, Animals and Plants, are one-off classes and will not be repeated. More info on Forum: Forum link in main menu

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