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A Book of Hours made in a single day

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Service Description

A Book of Hours made over the course of one day (but not necessarily completed in the 24 hour period). This summer's painting performance class! Paint all the canonical hours in their correct time periods - which will vary according to where you are on earth - so yours may be staggered. We will overlap in the middle. Rites vary depending on the church (Byzantine, Syriac, Armenian - who also would have known about Islamic-style bookbinding) and you are welcome to adapt your breviary to your own natural rhythm. The European Books of Hours are absolutely stunning and there are a wealth of images I encourage you to feast your eyes on online, apart from the famed Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry images shown here. You could even be inspired by the images in your research as well as the actual time of day you're painting, so it could even end up as a (day)dream book depending on the level of tiredness/stimulant consumption. A bright red small pocket book you can use as a form of prayer book. Summer is a great time for all-nighters; practise being a monk! Times of sessions: 1. Matins 12.00am (nighttime) 2. Lauds 3.00am (early morning) 3. Prime, the first hour, 6.00am (first hour of daylight) 4. Terce 9.00am (third hour) 5. Sext 12.00pm (noon) 6. None 3.00pm (ninth hour) 7. Vespers 6.00pm (sunset evening) 8. Compline 9.00pm (end of the day) All times are London time. I will start each class at the time specified above and each session will last for an hour each. Videos will be made available for catch up. You are welcome to drift in and out and nap in between. That is to say: the first session is at midnight on 24 July, and the last session is at 9pm on 24th July. Since these are book classes, we will also be developing our bookmaking skills and learning new book cover techniques with the leather gradually. The books are also getting gradually bigger (unless they are specifically miniature - or grandiose - books). Class includes a bespoke handmade leather envelope-flap cover to paint and free postage to anywhere in the world. Sent separately depending on production schedules. Make your own library of handmade books!

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