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BOOK of Other Birds

Black and white birds (almost)

  • Ended
  • 399 British pounds
  • Online


Service Description

This is the extra, other Birds class as promised last year (when I did the 30 Birds in 30 Days: Conference of the Birds classes). Presented as a book class for those who like to make small books, and equally works well if you only want to make standalone pictures of birds. You could even make them into a margin of a larger painting, or indeed incorporate all of these birds and more into your own single image. The birds are: Blue Jay Emperor penguin Swan Harpy eagle Cuckoo Mockingbird Swift Hornbill Mansur Toucan Tit Sparrow Swallow Oriole Feel free to add, take away or invent. Class includes a bespoke handmade leather envelope-flap cover to paint and free postage to anywhere in the world. Sent separately depending on production schedules. Make your own library of handmade Islamic style books!

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