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BOOK OF TEA: Make your own Book of Tea

Tea, teastain and teapots

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  • 415 British pounds
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Service Description

The Book of Tea is a little different. I recommend you leave lots of blank pages to fill in a collection of teapots for years to come. There are thousands of quirky teapots in the world so it might be nice to collect them all in the pages of a book. Research and choose your own quirky teapots to paint in class and paint along some classic teapot shapes with me. Do you have a favourite teapot? I do: it’s a celadon blue-green porcelain ceramic one that I own only in my dreams. My real-life current favourite one is a gold teapot made of cast iron which is the only one that works with my young family at the moment. A tan brown, tannin leather book - needless to say, some pages could be teastained! Since these are book classes, we will also be developing our bookmaking skills and learning new book cover techniques with the leather gradually. This is also a slightly bigger book than previous classes and we will be getting bigger with time too. Class includes a bespoke handmade leather envelope-flap cover to paint and free postage to anywhere in the world. Make your own library of handmade Islamic books!

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