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First Encounter with a Giraffe

The first ever encounter of the Chinese with a giraffe

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Service Description

The first ever encounter the Chinese court had with a giraffe was so spectacular that they recorded it in several paintings. Admiral Zheng He brought back the giraffe from his voyages across the sea, so continuing with the January trade and exploration theme. We'll make 4 versions here, or you are welcome to just focus on one. They are all quite similar as you'll see and some of the patterns are wonderful - just hexagons travelling up all over its body with no regard to the form - this is a representational and symbolic painting of the essence of 'giraffe'. Once thought to be the incarnation of the mythical qilin, the Chinese had huge respect for this gentle giant and you can see by the way the human handler is looking up at it. Have you ever seen a giraffe in real life in a zoo or on safari? They really are tall, and graceful when they move, slowly to compensate for that long, elegant neck. One of these giraffes has hair - it's a punk giraffe. Please note: 4 sessions, 9-10pm London time 2 Jan 9 Jan 16 Jan 30 Jan No class on 23 Jan Please note that these, like the rest of the Masterclass series, are one-off classes and will not be repeated. More info on Forum: Forum link in main menu

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