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MARGINS: Goldwork on a Pink Margin

Golden Margins - Gold on an avocado-stained pink page

  • Starts 3 Sept
  • 249 British pounds
  • Online


Service Description

Margins: a series focusing on the margins of a manuscript page. These are as important as the main image. We look at fantastic margins, also involving gold. All part of the deep dive into the book arts. You will need teastained and prepared paper ready for class unless otherwise indicated. This is so that gold (if done in class - not all classes require gold) shows up more beautifully. Instructions for this. can be found on the Forum: (search for Paper Prep). We give as much importance, love and attention to details to the margins as to the main image. Upcoming are fantastic beasts and creatures including the dragon and simurgh, lots of gold. Also to think about are different paper types; dyed margins; blues, pinks and turquoises. Perhaps the stories in the margins tell us more… For this complex and wonderful manuscript we will be focused only on the margin, not the central image of the sarlowh illumination, using goldwork. Please prepare avocado-stained paper in advance, as we will be using gold on pink paper for this class. Please note that the session on 17 Sept is 5-6pm UK time, not 6-7pm, to accommodate the monthly meeting, to which you are all invited (see Forum for link and details).

Upcoming Sessions

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