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Paint the 'ships of the desert'

  • Ended
  • 349 British pounds
  • Online


Service Description

Paint the twin fighting camels of the most famous master miniature painter of all time - Ustad Kamaluddin Behzad. Described by a Safavid shah as the pinnacle of his age in his own lifetime and a model for painters to shame even Mani, Behzad spearheaded the unique Persian miniature narrative style that would continue long after his death. Behzad’s camels inspired other painters to recreate their own version of the scene; we will make a copy of a copy, or possibly a copy of a copy of a copy. Doubles abound as we make two humps bump and play with their undulating shapes which make for a wide range of artistic possibilities - it’s best for these fights to exist only on the page. Abd al Samad painted his from memory as a gift for his son; we will use the time-honoured traditional techniques of tracing and drawing to reproduce the curves and fur of these ageless ‘ships of the desert’.

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