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Mansur's Menagerie

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Service Description

Paint a colour-changing chameleon Paint the changeling chameleon in changeling colours as part of Mansur’s Menagerie, a bestiary of miniature painting inspired by the flora and fauna painted by Mansur. Unequalled in his age, the Nãdir-al-’Asr, Ustad Mansur was a 17th century master court painter. The patronage of Mughal Emperor Jahangir resulted in Mansur’s unparalleled series of natural history masterpieces. This class forms part of a series of courses focused on the flora and fauna paintings of Ustad Mansur and the remarkable plant and animal life of Mughal India. The chameleon likely travelled to India from the coast of East Africa and was painted by Mansur at the behest of the Emperor. We’ll focus on the brush strokes required to render the texture, lustre and brilliance of its scales. Please note that these, like the rest of the Masterclass series, are one-off classes and will not be repeated. More info on Forum: Forum link in main menu

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