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MASTERCLASS FACES Gentle lady, lamp lady

Nuances of faces in miniature painting

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  • 349 British pounds
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Service Description

PAINTED LADIES SERIES A beautiful series featuring and painting women - we've been building up to this and it's ready now. May is a gentle green-blue lady, and the lady with the lamp. I've chosen ladies in different figural positions to get a comprehensive view, and the variety of activities they were engaged in, including having fun on swings, combing their long and beautiful hair, thinking and gazing, running from the monsoon, sniffing flowers, waiting for lovers and scattering fireworks. There are actual portraits of known ladies (princesses such as Nur Jahan and Jahanara) including the famous turquoise lady. I'm really excited about this series as a counterpart to the heavily male faces of last year, and we bring it to a balanced close with a couple in love as a prelude to the Love series next year (love in all its forms). If you look closely at May's gentle lady, she is actually holding a very fine thread. The lady with the lamp seems very iconic, and also these are simpler ladies to paint, in preparation for more complex ones coming later. PLEASE NOTE that there is no class on 17 May; there are 4 sessions: 3, 10, 24 and 31 May. Upcoming sessions include: JUNE - Lady on a swing, and lady combing hair (to bring in a mixture of figural positions) JULY - The turquoise lady (and a different turquoise lady) AUGUST - Monsoon lady running from a storm (with lightning!) SEPTEMBER - Nur Jahan OCTOBER - Jahanara NOVEMBER - Lady at night, and a sitting nayika DECEMBER - Couple at night with fireworks, a precursor to the Love series next year More info on Forum: Forum link in main menu

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