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Oil on Copper: Crystal Growth

Part of the Cabinet of Curiosities oil miniature series

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Service Description

CRYSTAL Part of the Materials Library sub-series Crystals are not plants but they grow. Isn't that fascinating? If you time-lapse a video you can even see this happening before your eyes. They are reminiscent of icicles but can be elements (in the Periodic table sense) themselves. We will study the transparency and translucency of the hard and geometric facets of crystals, related but different to glass. We can take the opportunity to glaze them in wondrous and indescribable colours (image is for initial reference). For this class, optionally, you could purchase a Grow Your Own Crystal Kit. I recommend National Geographic kits. These are widely available online and I hope internationally too. This is a way of observing crystalline structure first hand and is a very enjoyable way of understanding crystals by witnessing their growth in front of you. We are growing crystals as part of my homeschool with my children; crystals for us are the element of Earth, or rocks. I have chosen every singular object or picture carefully as each will help transmit a certain aspect of the principles of oil painting and picture making. These images are starting points only; we will entirely create our own artworks. NEXT Night Lotus UPCOMING Coming up are mushrooms, bonsai, animals, little houses, peas in a pod, cave paintings, teapots, deserts, stars, stairs, galaxies and nebulas, hot springs, the moon, the sun, islands, mome raths, extinct Pre-Cambrian and Mesozoic landscapes, birds, doors, forest floors, enchanted seas, a materials library subsection including wood, glass, rocks, bread… MATERIALS LIST For full materials list, see here: New students will be emailed a preparatory list in advance. Copper is available here:

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