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Oil on Copper: Night Lotus

Part of the Cabinet of Curiosities oil miniature series

  • Ended
  • 399 British pounds
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Service Description

NIGHT LOTUS Summer early evenings are a fortuitous time to paint the unbelievably beautiful night lotus - in oils. The night drapes a gorgeous pale blue colour over its pristine white petals, as if it has been painted by the nighttime itself. A chance to paint quiet lights and gentle shades in oils as well as begin our early studies in luminescence, and a relatively simple first flower. If you have access to real lotuses in a pond near you - then lucky you! I wish I had nearby lotuses. Along with the tulip, they are becoming one of my favourite flowers. A meditative end to summer. I have chosen every singular object or picture carefully as each will help transmit a certain aspect of the principles of oil painting and picture making. These images are starting points only; we will entirely create our own artworks. UPCOMING Coming up are mushrooms, bonsai, animals, little houses, peas in a pod, cave paintings, teapots, deserts, stars, stairs, galaxies and nebulas, hot springs, the moon, the sun, islands, mome raths, extinct Pre-Cambrian and Mesozoic landscapes, birds, doors, forest floors, enchanted seas, a materials library subsection including wood, glass, rocks, bread… MATERIALS LIST For full materials list, see here: New students will be emailed a preparatory list in advance. Copper is available here:

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