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Oil on Copper: Paper Origami Crane

Part of the Cabinet of Curiosities oil miniature series

  • Ended
  • 399 British pounds
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Service Description

PAPER Part of the Materials Library sub-series Japanese tradition has it that if you fold 1000 origami cranes you will be granted a wish of your choice. I have folded 1000 cranes and the practice of doing so becomes meditative, automatic and under your skin, in the way I would like painting to become for you too. For this class you'll also need a single sheet of plain white A4 piece of paper (or roughly equivalent size), or plain white square paper of a similar size. Photocopier paper will do. We will take into account the translucency of the paper and material qualities of paper while painting in oils and notice how light falls on it and filters through it. We will be folding our own paper crane together in class also as a painting reference to gently introduce you to painting from life, and translating a 3D object into 2D. I have chosen origami as it has clearly defined planes and this makes it a relatively simple transition from 3D into the 2D painted surface. I have chosen every singular object or picture carefully as each will help transmit a certain aspect of the principles of oil painting and picture making. These images are starting points only; we will entirely create our own artworks. NEXT Crystals UPCOMING Coming up are mushrooms, bonsai, animals, little houses, peas in a pod, cave paintings, teapots, deserts, stars, stairs, galaxies and nebulas, hot springs, the moon, the sun, islands, mome raths, extinct Pre-Cambrian and Mesozoic landscapes, birds, doors, forest floors, enchanted seas, a materials library subsection including wood, glass, rocks, bread… MATERIALS LIST For full materials list, see here: New students will be emailed a preparatory list in advance. Copper is available here:

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