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Oil on Copper: SNOW extra elements

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Service Description

We’ll take as inspiration Hendrick Avercamp’s winter scenes for our own oil miniature. He was the first northern artist to really specialise in these winter scenes and you can really get lost in all the figures and immerse yourself in the painting, imagining you are there, in the Little Ice Age on a frozen lake. He humanised snow and ice. The Thames even froze over in history and people set up markets and ice skated on our very own river. White paint on the smoothness of copper will be singularly magnificent, and we’ll build up the layers of snow and ice carefully to create a fascinating little winter scene of our own as an oil on copper miniature. For atmosphere we can include the little snow-covered roofs and houses of Jan Griffier’s snow scene. He was a Dutch artist that actually moved to London, and you can also see Avercamp’s work in London’s National Gallery too. More extra elements to come in 2023: Dew and Mist. UPCOMING Coming up are mushrooms, animals, little houses, peas in a pod, cave paintings, teapots, deserts, stars, stairs, galaxies and nebulas, hot springs, the moon, the sun, islands, mome raths, extinct Pre-Cambrian and Mesozoic landscapes, birds, doors, forest floors, enchanted seas, a materials library subsection including wood, glass, rocks, bread… MATERIALS LIST For full materials list, see here: New students will be emailed a preparatory list in advance. Copper is available here:

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