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Paint your own Backgammon game

Make your own games

  • Ended
  • 199 British pounds
  • Online


Service Description

PAINT YOUR OWN BACKGAMMON My dad also taught me backgammon at around the same time he taught me chess, but I’ve forgotten most of it. (I would love to revive it!) Do you play backgammon or nard? It’s a game of strategy with a bit of chaos thrown in, so it suits me. Skill and chance mixed together, the third and last game type described in the Libro de los Juegos, the Book of Games, the Spanish translation of the Arabic text on chess (strategy), dice (chance) and ‘tables’ - strategy plus luck as in backgammon. Upon deducing the rules of chess, the Persian court then sends the Indian court a puzzle-gift in return - backgammon, which they cannot figure out because of the addition of luck, which is like life itself, and not purely abstract. One day when I’m older I’ll while away the afternoons playing backgammon with old folk in the bazaar. The plain pieces are not as appealing as the figurative chess, yet the board is beguiling with its long arrows - which we can make into beautiful colours and shapes. They can be arrows, snakes, umbrellas, flowers, feathers, foliage, anything you like. We’ll design our own beautiful backgammon on paper. When combined with the Chess class you get 2 games in one - you can use the pieces for backgammon and the chess board to play Checkers/Chequers! More info on Forum: Forum link in main menu

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