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Paint your own Snakes and Ladders game

Make your own games

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  • 199 British pounds
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Service Description

PAINT YOUR OWN SNAKES AND LADDERS I don’t remember when I learnt to play Snakes and Ladders. It’s commonly a children’s game in the West. Did you play Snakes and Ladders as a child? The ancient Indian game of Gyan Chaupar, whence Snakes and Ladders is derived, was a dice game designed to instil spiritual truths in the player, freeing them from the bondage of this lower world and gain eventual enlightenment (yes, all in a game!). I’ll explain more about my research into the historic meaning of the game during class. We’ll create our own Snakes and Ladders board on paper, either in the traditional format of 9x8 (72) or 9x9 (84) squares or the 100 squares of popular imagination. A later Mughal version is 100 or 101 squares. (It’s also a great way to teach children to count to 100 - once they can count to 100 then other mathematical operations can be taught.) A figurative grid - a wonderful way to use geometry for play and also contemplative painting. Paint the Game of Life on a page. More info on Forum: Forum link in main menu

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