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Pay as you Gayumars 12/12

The final countdown open to all

  • Ended
  • 50 British pounds
  • Online


Service Description

The last ever batch - which is not a batch but standalone sessions. Deadline 1st May! There are 12 sessions, and you can book each separately; you could book all of them or just the ones you prefer. Sessions fall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. The art of attention - I can’t drive and talk but I can certainly paint and talk as I’ve been doing that all my life, ever since I could hold a brush. I’m recreating this painting and won’t do it again (as I have so many other things to do!) so this is a unique opportunity to follow along with this journey where you can ask me absolutely anything at all. It’ll be diverse, but it’ll work. (I’m diverse, and I work.) This is special: follow along with art being made, live. I’ll grow the painting methodically while skipping around spontaneously. I’ll talk about my thoughts and tangent off into theory no doubt and pepper it with art history and sprinkle it not with sugar but the spice of life. There are enough subjects in this painting to focus in on a rock or a crown or a cloud or a flower or a monkey or a lion or… a floating island if that is the feeling in the group. Gayumars is teaching his courtiers how to weave, hunt, write, cook, fish, make fire and the arts of living. I’m teaching and transmitting the art of art. You’ll see all the basic methods plus some new ones that even I don’t know yet - as I haven’t made the painting yet! Basically, I’m approaching this painting as an artist. This project is different to all the other classes (which are focused on a single element, or Masterclasses focusing on a single subject) where we discuss being an artist, the nature of art, the nature of creativity, spontaneity, university, the life and mind of an artist, the journey of an artist and craftsperson, career, goals, education, tradition, modernity, history, contemporaneity, spirituality, meditation, imagination, application, ambitions, options, exhibitions, professions, progressions, confessions, transitions, family, balance, pleasure, leisure, soul… this is the final countdown open to all. For full description, see the forum: in the News section.

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