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Piri Re’is I: Cusped Islands

The Art of the Map

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Service Description

Piri Re’is I: Cusped Islands Piri Re’is was an Ottoman navigator, geographer, cartographer and admiral. In these 2 classes we focus first on tracing a Piri Re’is island that we like with those famous cusped coastlines, and then to design and draw our own fantasy island in the sea using techniques from Piri Re’is’ cartography. Although they are island maps, we’ll use all the familiar miniature painting tools and techniques so nothing new is needed for these classes except for compasses. A pair of compasses and compasses. The geometric tool compasses for drawing, and the navigation tool compasses also, if you want to immerse yourself in your island and don’t want to get lost… Maps are a good opportunity to discover for yourself your particular blend of poetic or scientific leanings. Will your maps be accurate to the point of usability, or will they be sites of stories and possibilities? Are maps charts of sites, or sites in themselves? Who doesn’t like maps? What is your favourite map? For those of you in Art of Attention: Court of Gayumars: please note that the sessions on 18 and 25 January will be rolled over to February.

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