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POISON: Clematis

Poison Vespertine Series: Carnivorous Plants & Night Blooming Flowers

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  • 165 British pounds
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Service Description

We need to recognise these poisonous plants so we know what we’re dealing with. One person’s poison is another person’s medicine. According to the Victorians who made up their own secret language of flowers (nothing's stopping you by the way - you can invent one that is personal to you, why not?), the clematis symbolised beauty and art as well as poverty. We've covered plants in full flower; let's also paint them when they are in their waning season. The clematis is beautiful in its fullness - and similar to other flowers previously painted - and amazing, ethereal and spindly when it retreats. It's also used in Bach flower remedies for its homeopathic qualities (remember, poison can also be medicine - but don't touch it if you're not a homeopath!). For more info and images, join the free forum at

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