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POISON: Hemlock & Henbane

Poison Vespertine Series: Carnivorous Plants & Night Blooming Flowers

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  • 165 British pounds
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Service Description

We need to recognise these poisonous plants so we know what we’re dealing with. One person’s poison is another person’s medicine. Hemlock is highly poisonous - it killed Socrates. Henbane less so - but don't take any chances. It had miraculous, oracular, hallucinatory, magical, analgesic, anaesthetic, sedative, narcotic, malefic, necromantic, sexual, weather-controlling, fumigatory and even flavouring uses. It was once an ingredient in beer (don't try it). It may have been the hebenon poured into Hamlet's father's ear. For more info and images, join the free forum at

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