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POISON: Oleander

Poison Vespertine Series: Carnivorous Plants & Night Blooming Flowers

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Service Description

We need to recognise these poisonous plants so we know what we’re dealing with. One person’s poison is another person’s medicine. This is a poisonous plant. Its name itself may be related to the Greek words 'I kill' and 'man'. Though its toxicity is said to be low, don't eat it! Often depicted in Pompeiian murals, it has also been suggested that it was used to induce hallucinations by the Oracle of Delphi. Pliny mistook them for azalea or rhododendrons. In the Jahangirnama, the Memoirs of Mughal emperor Jahangir, nobles adorn their turbans with oleander blossoms which created a field of flowers on their heads. Van Gogh and Klimt painted oleanders. For more info and images, join the free forum at

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