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POISON: Pink Lotus

Poison Vespertine Series: Carnivorous Plants & Night Blooming Flowers

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Service Description

We need to recognise these poisonous plants so we know what we’re dealing with. One person’s poison is another person’s medicine. The beautiful, beautiful pink lotus. A symbol of longevity in China, the national flower of India and Vietnam, national emblem of Macau and a throne for Buddha, Vishnu and Lakshmi, the sacred lotus rises from the murky mud as something beautiful from something base. It's a yoga position. It's also edible! However, the lotos-eaters entered altered states - which won't happen if you enjoy ordinary lotus root and lotus tea. It represents fertility, a magic womb, honesty, purity, enlightenment, femininity, beauty, longevity, knowledge and awakening and is well on its way to being my favourite flower for this current original favourite flower is/was the tulip but honestly, every time I see a lotus I stop the frenetic and chaotic pace of my life and take a breath. It's not a plant I could easily grow in London. It glows like no other flower I can think of. It is almost divine... not of this world. Its unearthly light momentarily makes me catch my breath. Does it do this to you too? For more info and images, join the free forum at

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