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The Great Wave off Kanagawa

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  • 295 British pounds
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Service Description

WATER x HOKUSAI The ‘old man mad about art’ was influenced by European prints at a time when the islands of Japan were isolated from the rest of the world. Trade and curiosity are irresistible to artists, however, and we can’t help but be interested in everything. Islands are islands but it’s best when they have bridges. I propose to paint the Great Wave of Hokusai in my least favourite colour, and one of Hokusai’s favourite colours for printing, a Prussian blue that contains a multitude of lighter and deeper tones within - itself a European colour and one, if not used carefully, can lead to feelings of wave-like overwhelm in the wrong hands. Let’s learn how to use it by trusting the right hands of Hokusai, and paint his glorious Great Wave.

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