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Special Elements Edition DEW miniatures

A special one-off trilogy of extra elements

  • Ended
  • 265 British pounds
  • Online


Service Description

A special edition May Masterclass over 3 weeks The extra element of DEW This year in miniature (In subsequent years in oils and Chinese painting) Once and not repeated (unlike the core elements classes) You’ll need an indigo or dark-coloured piece of paper pre-prepared for this class Dew is water magic in the early morning. Here it is shown glistening on a spiderweb. We'll learn to paint these glowing spheres of water with water-based paints. We'll use the photo as inspiration only and draw our own spiderwebs with a fine brush. In subsequent years we’ll cover dew in oils; single water drops on leaves, for example. And we’ll end this trilogy with Chinese contemplative dew and meditate on a water drop. For now, I recommend using indigo paper, or dark paper, to really show off the dewdrops, and bring them into the light. As an idea, you could intersperse painted dewdrops with actual glued-on Swarovski crystals. The idea of collaged elements is an ancient one and one I am experimenting with too. Please note that there is no session on 18 May; there are 3 sessions: 4, 11 and 25 May.

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