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Special Elements Edition MIST miniatures

A one-off class, part of the extra elements series: the classic soaking Indian wash technique

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  • 265 British pounds
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Service Description

A special edition August Masterclass over 3 days The extra element of MIST This year in miniature (In subsequent years in oils and Chinese painting) Once and not repeated (unlike the core elements classes) MIST Miniatures - a one-off class part of the extra elements series using the traditional classic Indian wash technique of painting This MIST class has to be done in the hazy lazy end of summer days while it’s still hot. We’ll wash our entire paintings - yes, the entire painting gets a soak - with water several times, washing them using the classic Indian wash painting technique. This is a great chance to learn a traditional technique that is not often taught (maybe because it’s so wet!). We’ll create a silky smooth misty surface from which figures or elements emerge. In my imagination this could be a bellydancer or a Chinese cloud… We can also make misty miniature clouds in the same way. We use the same materials as for miniature painting, with the addition of a lot of water. This misty class is spread over 3 days and it’s a flexible technique you can adapt and reuse for many different kinds of painting in future. Bathe your paintings! Important: You’ll need access to water, preferably a sink, in which to wash your painting. Alternatively a bucket of water on the floor or in a kitchen or garden (or in a kitchen garden!) that can be easily accessed. Hairdryer optional. Old rags advisable. Although related, this is separate to the standard Clouds Element class; it's a special one-off extra element, part of the Snow, Dew and Mist series. Adding crystal rain optional! Schedule Session 1: Monday 29 August, 6-8pm Session 2: Tuesday 30 August, 6-8pm Session 3: Wednesday 31 August, 6-8pm

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