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The Art of the Black Pen: Siyah Qalam

Slowly focus on perfecting your brush technique in this Masterclass

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Service Description

Dive deep into the dance of the Black Pen - Siyah Qalam - and follow the lyric, ritualistic rhythms of the brush in its highest expression as we capture the wild, intense forms of the moving figure. Unique brushes will capture the sinuous movements of the mysterious figures painted by the elusive Siyah Qalam - the Master of the Black Pen - who created a set of miniature folios in the 15th century that combine Persian, Turkish, Indian, Mongolian and Chinese aesthetics. These enigmatic masterpieces mingle the ecstatic and the everyday, the demonic and the saintly. Their world was one of dust and stories, vagabond mystics, music and meditation and above all movement and dance. This is the heady frontier where Islam and Buddhism meet shamans and pagans. Our brushes are made from the most superior of all animal hair - the finest sable from the cold, quiet borderlands where Russia meets China. They remember their wild origins and want to dance on the page. True animal hair will always keep a spring in its step; this is its inherent beauty and why it is so sought-after among artists. We push our brushes to their highest capabilities by focusing on the bare essentials: black ink on paper. The absence of colour allows you to focus totally on brush handling techniques as we draw inspiration from these unique and powerful images. Miniature painting is the art of the line. We explore the deep relationship to Chinese art and its insistence on quality and originality of line. We’ll use these special brushes created and provided by the tutor for the duration of the course and they are also available for purchase during the sessions at a special 10% discounted rate. Your tutor, Vaishali Prazmari, is uniquely placed to teach this special course with her knowledge of Chinese painting, miniature painting, brush creation and handling techniques as well as the nature of the creative process and flow. This is a Masterclass course which equally suits beginners since we delve deep into focusing on improving individual brush technique via minute hand movements and brush angles. We slow down and break it down, step-by-step, ultimately aiming to yoke the brush to become one with the hand of the painter, melting into a final unison where hand follows mind. Vaishali draws on her experience of yoga to teach you to execute strokes deftly and with precision and to develop awareness of how to hold the brush in relation to your breath and your whole body. Minimum 4 people.

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