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This service is not available. Please contact me for more info.


Unlock the magic boxes of the 1001 Nights

  • Ended
  • 199 British pounds
  • Online


Service Description

The box is locked but you have a key. And maybe there is another box in that box, and another box in that one... here is a collection of beautiful boxes in miniature paintings. See how the impossible boxes in the 2D manuscripts are cleverly folded back on themselves to expose all their sides so that they look 'wrong' - yet they're not wrong, they're even more complete. This is more-than-perspective for a space-time world that only exists in our imaginations and in these paintings. We'll paint colourful boxes as standalone images as well as a real 3D net that corresponds to the geometry of this world to cut out and make a real, possible miniature style 3D box. And of course, feel free to design your own secret magic box just for you...

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