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The Taj Mahal

The most beautiful building in the world

  • Ended
  • 199 British pounds
  • Online


Service Description

Paint the most beautiful building ever built - the Taj Mahal. It's also known as the most perfect building in the world (I guess symmetrically, geometrically, symbolically, aesthetically, historically...?). That's it - just a simple painting honouring this wonder building and a fitting end to the official Architecture in miniature painting series. We'll still paint the built environment - we'll just be more equipped with the skills to do so and even to design our own. Little buildings and crazy perspectives will continue to pepper our paintings. And I hope you remember the Taj Mahal forever, and also that we all get to see it once in our lifetimes. I recommend the play 'Guards at the Taj' by Rajiv Joseph - if you are unable to see it, the script is fairly cheap to buy and very quick to read (an hour or less, and certainly in one sitting or evening). The play really makes you think about the legacy of beauty, the point of beauty and also the cost of beauty. Please note that the 3rd session will run at a slightly earlier time: 5-6pm London time instead of the usual time. You're welcome to join the Miniature Monthly Meeting, link over at the Forum.

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